Who We Are

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We’re different
I’ve been fortunate to have a varied career with over 30 years in technical engineering and executive management positions in a variety of industries. In fields such as high tech, finance, manufacturing, and emergency response and business recovery consulting I have experienced all aspects of building a business. While I earned a degree in Chemical Engineering, I realized early on that my passions leaned towards the entrepreneurial side of business development.

How we learn
Success in any organization comes from developing a team that is engaged, confident in their duties and continues to grow and think outside the box. I am primarily a visual learner as most of us are. Most people think of YouTube as a social media site when actually it is the second-most popular search engine right after Google – a clear statement we seek to learn visually. People learn and retain content visually but businesses still rely on written training manuals and are challenged to free up their Subject Matter Expert’s time to train a new and growing staff.

The business environment has changed
For me, the one common thread I most enjoy in my career is teaching and mentoring my teams. I’ve often thought that had I not chosen the path I did, I would have been a teacher. The world and business has changed significantly in the past few years during the global pandemic. With hybrid workforces, the need for asynchronous and remote learning is even more critical. Fortunately, doing business operations virtually has become the norm as well as being more efficient. Similarly, there has been a renaissance of technology, much of it AI driven, that has significantly enhanced this space.

EH LearnMedia has assembled a unique set of technology all working together to deliver your content and internal subject matter experts knowledge into consistent, high production value e-learning for your visual learners.

We’re not a videography company, we’re business professionals that bring visual learning to life.

Jeff Hamilton
Founder & CEO
EH LearnMedia LLC

Bearded young videographer in the office talking with his manager. Video editor.

Our Core Values

“At EH LearnMedia, we are guided by several core values that drive our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.”