Voice-over Services

Elevate Your Brand: The Power of Voice


Discover the art of storytelling through premium voice-over services for your videography needs. Elevate your videos to new heights by infusing the right narration with the perfect emotion, transforming visuals into a captivating and immersive experience for your audience.

Meet Ron Mesa, a multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor, and voice-over talent. A graduate of the esteemed California Institute of the Arts, Ron brings a solid foundation to his diverse skill set. His passion lies in musical theater, jazz, and the timeless crooning styles of eras past.

Ron Mesa’s warm and sophisticated voice serves as the essential touch of style and elegance, ensuring your business or product achieves its rightful brand status. Whether it’s a promotional video or marketing campaign, consider incorporating Ron’s talents to add a touch of class and elevate your content to a level of unparalleled excellence.

Explore Ron’s masterful craftsmanship showcased in this video highlighting the exquisite “Venues at Bally Keal Estate”. It will undoubtedly inspire you to consider hosting your upcoming event in this splendid setting.

Creative Showcase

Our Approach

1. Understanding Needs

Because of our background, we understand technical and business operations. We work with our clients interactively to identify their training objectives.

4. Content Development

We utilize a variety of cinematic techniques to enhance the visual learning experience. Motion graphics, lighting design, sound enhancement, multi-camera sequences, music, and supporting "B Roll" images and video to name a few

2. Production Planning

We storyboard a course(s) that captures your SME's content and any existing manuals and protocols. The course is planned out complete with quizzes, support documentation, and supplemental media.

5. Interactive Final Production

Utilizing an online interactive video collaboration site, our customers can provide comments and critiques down to the frame level. This allows for efficient and quick turn finalization of the e-learning product.

3. Production

We film your SME performing hands on training and sharing their expertise. Because we understand the content, we can often identify additional content that would enhance the learning experience for more novice students.

6. Employee Training

Employees can now train at their own pace to absorb the content and expertise of your own SME's. Visual learning prepares employees for hands on training and lowers the learning curve to mastering tasks, protocols and operations critical to your business operations.


Our Tools

We utilize the latest software, techniques and business services capabilities to provide high production value content and a smooth customer experience.  They include:

  • Video/Photo Editing: Professional video and photo editing software, much of it AI (artificial intelligence) driven for high production value.
  • Lighting:  Equipment and lighting techniques to add visual interest.
  • Sound Recording:  Equipment and software that provides studio level sound quality.  We can even take customer generated recordings and often times enhance to studio level sound.
  • Motion Graphics:  Media includes the use of advanced titles and graphics to supplement the visual learning experience.  Graphics can be matched to your internal company branding, logos, and style.
  • Royalty Free Video, Music and Images:  We can provide licensed supplemental images, music and video footage to enhance the learning experience.  The licensed content is extended to the customer via the resulting work product.
  • Transcription and Closed Captioning:  Closed captioning of the content aids to the accessibility and learning experience.  With transcription of the content, we can transform the information into an Operations Manual format including screen capture images supporting the written content.
  • e-Learning Platform: We utilize a well established e-learning platform where your content can be organized with lessons and quizzes. If you already have an internal e-learning platform, we can easily edit content to align to that platform’s needs.
  • Customer Portal:  Our Customer Relationship Manager portal allow you to receive proposals, contracts, make payments, and see the progress of your project.  The site includes e-signature capabilities for fast execution of contracts and agreements keeping everyone on the same page.
  • Our Expertise:  Having managed technical and manufacturing operations in a variety of industries and building companies from start-up to mature operations, we are uniquely qualified for bring visual e-leaning to your company.  We understand our subject and then transform it to a visual learning experience.