Creative Showcase

Suisun Valley Wine Series

The emerging wine region

The Suisun Valley AVA (American Viticulture Area) has been a hidden gem in Solano County producing excellent wine that rivals areas such as the Napa Valley.  We produced a series of videos on the growing and winemaking for an exhibition of winemaking in Solano County.

We were privileged to have Chuck Wagner, the esteemed owner of Caymus-Suisun Winery, share insights about the unique viticultural treasures that the Suisun Valley offers. As part of the exhibition, he passionately discusses the distinctive attributes of this remarkable winegrowing region.

With just a handful of wineries in this area, Suisun Valley is starting to capture the hearts of wine enthusiasts.

The Growers

For the exhibition, in order to provide a comprehensive perspective on the winemaking process in Solano County, we seized a rare opportunity to sit down with a seasoned grower and a passionate winemaker amidst the lush vineyards that give life to Suisun Valley wines. Meet Mike Oman from TZ Estate Vineyards and Don Huffman from Whim Cellars, as they delve into the intricacies of cultivating top-tier grapes for winemaking.

These two experts share invaluable insights into the myriad factors that contribute to the creation of superb grapes. From the nuances of soil and climate to the careful selection of rootstock and the meticulous professional care lavished upon the vines, every element plays a pivotal role in nurturing exceptional grapes that form the backbone of our local wineries.

The Wine Makers

Nestled within the breathtaking Suisun Valley American Viticultural Area, Bally Keal Estate spans eighty acres of the lush Suisun Valley wine region. Here, the passionate winemakers meticulously handcraft every bottle, exclusively from estate-grown Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. 

Bally Keal Estate emerges as the Bay Area’s freshest haven for estate-grown treasures—unveiling not just wines but also spirits, with beer on the horizon. Revel in their scenic wine country landscapes and experience genuine warmth in hospitality.

Bally Keal Estate

The Venues

Welcome to Bally Keal Estate, where Irish warmth meets wine country sophistication. Nestled in the heart of Suisun Valley, our estate offers a blend of tradition and authenticity for special events. Boasting picturesque venues, including The Knoll and the luxurious Event Pavilion, they redefine celebrations. With an on-site winery, distillery, and brewery, your bar menu becomes an artisanal experience. The estate goes beyond, featuring a Classic Car Museum, The Manor House, and amenities like a tennis court and putting green. Conveniently near major cities, Bally Keal invites you to explore, savor, and create unforgettable memories. Cheers to meaningful gatherings at their estate!

Bally Keal Estate


The Legacy Tile Project- Journey Downtown

Journey Downtown - Short

We helped Journey Downtown preserve history assisting them with a video for their fundraising efforts. Three years ago, Journey Downtown revived Vacaville’s historic theater, becoming a hub for arts, community, and nonprofits. With 200,000+ visitors, 300+ events, and $300,000 raised, they needed support to refinance and ensure this vibrant space thrives for years to come.

Journey Downtown

Journey Downtown - Main

This extended video features prominent community members sharing insights on the venue’s significance and its positive impact on their organizations. Additionally, the mayor of Vacaville delivers a crucial message underscoring the importance of Journey Downtown for the local community.


Journey Downtown

The Queen On Main- Exclusive Lodging

The Queen on Main, Winters, CA

Experience a charming journey back in time at The Queen on Main in Winters, CA! Nestled in a beautifully restored 1895 Queen Anne home, this unique private lodging offers exclusive overnight accommodations. Step into a bygone era as you enter the doors – Rhonda and Mike have lovingly crafted an environment that exudes the elegance of 1895. From exquisite paintings and furnishings to intricate needlepoint chairs and cutwork lace, every detail reflects the Victorian love for art and beauty.

Our goal, for the video, was to allow their clients to immerse themselves in this enhancing experience with careful choices for the opening scene, the period music and the dreamlike footage. These accommodations are truly a unique experience for a fun local get away in Winters.

The Queen On Main

Winters, CA - A Destination

Experience the true essence of Winters, California, with a stay at The Queen on Main. Nestled in this friendly Northern California town, The Queen on Main offers a charming retreat amidst a destination known for its fine dining, exquisite wine tasting, and a plethora of outdoor adventures. Embrace the quaint allure of Winters, perfectly complemented by the warm and inviting ambiance of The Queen on Main.

The Queen On Main

The Vacaville Museum

Spring Gala 2023 Fundraiser

Exciting news! Our video, “A Night At The Opera House,” made its premiere at the Vacaville Museum’s Spring Gala annual fundraiser at Vacaville’s Opera House. With a touch of humor, we aimed to showcase the fantastic work the museum does for the Solano County community while poking fun at stuffy old museums. It was an enjoyable and imaginative project, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Vacaville Museum

The Vacaville Museum

The Vacaville Museum is a cherished local institution dedicated to preserving Solano County’s rich cultural and historical heritage. With a renewed focus on staying relevant and meeting the evolving needs of the community, the museum is constantly striving to improve and grow. As part of our ongoing collaboration with the museum, we have created this piece to provide an overview of its past, present, and future endeavors.

Vacaville Museum

Spring Gala 2024 Fundraiser

We were delighted to once again assist the Vacaville Museum by creating a video tribute for their annual Spring Gala. This video celebrates their 40th Anniversary and acknowledges their historical significance, as well as their transformation into a key hub for community events in Solano County.

Vacaville Museum

Local Businesses

Vera Gleason, Real Estate Professional

Vera has been a dedicated realtor in Solano County, tirelessly assisting both buyers and sellers in achieving their real estate goals. Her passion lies in helping countless individuals turn their homeownership dreams into reality or smoothly transition into a new phase of life by selling their homes.

Utilizing video as a medium, we brought Vera’s personality, experience, and knowledge to life.  She continues to educate her clients with an upcoming series of YouTube videos on new information about the real estate market, laws, procedures, and new products for her clients. 

Vera Gleason Real Estate

Rob's Photography Services

Herman J. Robertson Jr., “Rob” is a skilled photographer based in Vacaville, California. He possesses a natural artistic eye that imbues his work with a unique touch. Rob’s clients seek him out not only for his talent, but also for his approachable and enthusiastic demeanor. Building a personal connection with prospective clients and earning their trust can be facilitated by a well-crafted video. With this in mind, we collaborated with Rob to create a compelling video that effectively portrays his story and enables potential clients to become acquainted with him, just as his existing clients have.

Rob’s Photography Services